When You Give All You Can!

Last year, I had a major breakthrough that came up again with one of my private coaching clients last week.

I realised I needed to stop putting pressure on myself as my best is good enough!

My client was worried she wasn’t moving fast enough to achieve her goals, she created additional unnecessary work for herself and putting pressure on herself to make things happen overnight.

One of my motto’s is “Good things don’t happen overnight, good things take time.”

I think at times as a heart and soul driven woman, you can have a habit of wanting to give your all and get everything perfect to feel it’s good enough to be accepted.

I have never been a perfectionist but always like to give my all and sometimes it can back fire on me and leave me feeling overwhelmed!

You seek approval from others when you are the only one that can give the ultimate seal of approval.

You may have a habit of pushing yourself, too far at times and burn yourself out.

You worry what people will think about your work, your views and opinions or if you will ever be fully accepted by people.

I shared with my client that…

People don’t want or expect everything to be amazing, all people want is to know you care and that you are there to support them if and when they need you.

People want to learn and be surrounded by people that are keeping it ‘real’ living their life, discovering what matters to them and exploring opportunities.

You’re the best you can be, you’re making a difference to someone’s life and positively contributing to the world, just by being YOU.
That’s good enough, you are here to learn, make progress and grow, not be perfect.

Progress beats perfect every time so give up the need to get everything right all the time.

Get yourself out into the world and shine.

Learn from the lessons the universe presents you and know everything is for a reason.

Stop pushing yourself and listen to how you feel to guide you through your tough spots.

The answer is always there, you just need to be present enough to tune in and listen.

Keep doing what you do, it will pay off.

Please share in the comments what one challenge you are willing to let go or seek help to achieve.

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Create the Life of Your Dreams

I hope these tips serve you as they are something I do weekly and they have created the firm foundation I have in my life and my client’s life and my intention is they support you on your journey too.

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Love and Light Charmaine xx

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