The Secret to Getting High-Profile Media Coverage for Your Business

Many purpose driven coaches and entrepreneurs are so passionate about delivering their actual work helping their clients achieve results, they sometimes forget to share their message and the difference they are making.

Every client I work with I encourage and support them to prepare for success with their media efforts.

We work together to create a PR and media campaign to attract media coverage to support their business goals and work out the best news stories to pitch to targeted journalists and editors. In addition, we work on how to use the power of PR to grow their business and attract opportunities to build their brand.

The secret to attracting media coverage for your business that will help you to stand out in your industry and attract more clients is…

Take inspired action so you can get featured in the newspapers, magazines, online publications, radio and TV outlets you want to contribute to.

The more you take action, the more chances you have of:

  • Getting high profile media coverage
  • Reaching thousands, if not millions of your potential dream clients
  • Building authority and credibility in your industry and
  • Increasing your sales and much more.

It’s Your Sacred Duty to Reach the People that Need You Now

You know why you started your business and you know deep in your heart why you want to help more people. It’s therefore your sacred duty to share your business mission to help your dream clients understand how you can help them.

It’s not about your ego, vanity or competing with anyone. It’s just important your dream clients can learn about you and your business now, as they need your support to positively impact their lives or business.

The more passionate you are about promoting yourself, the more likely you are to attract credible publicity opportunities to get your business noticed in the media.

Like anything in business, you have you take consistent, persistent action.

How to manifest money and make more money in your business - Charmaine Peart

Create the Life of Your Dreams

I hope these tips serve you as they are something I do weekly and they have created the firm foundation I have in my life and my client’s life and my intention is they support you on your journey too.

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Love and Light Charmaine xx

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