How to Use Testimonials to Grow Your Business

Testimonials are an incredible way to showcase your expertise by getting recommending by previous clients and business associates who have experienced the power of your expertise to help them achieve a result or make a difference in their life.

Traditionally testimonials have always been used as a marketing tool by businesses to build credibility and trust. Clients are happy to share the results they’ve got from working with you to encourage others to experience the transformation for themselves.

But how far are people willing to go to obtain one?

Over the last few years, I have personally witnessed a few acts of desperation from people trying to get testimonials.

Don’t Pressure People to Give Recommendations

I recently received a Linked In request from someone I met once for a recommendation. I declined as I didn’t know them well enough to write about them. A few days later I attended a networking event that happened to have some guest speakers. After the event I spoke to one of the speakers and complimented them on their talk.

Straight away the speaker asked for a testimonial to confirm I enjoyed the talk. I was in shock and thought to myself:

“Do you really need me to confirm that to help you get more clients?”

I made an effort and wrote a nice testimonial and they were chuffed so that was good but it did make me smile.

I heard another speaker at an event tell delegates not to waste time asking their clients for testimonials, but instead write them and just ask them to sign it off.

Does it really mean as much if you write your own testimonials and take the ownership away from your clients?

Begging for Testimonials!

The funniest act of desperation I and several delegates experienced was after a very disappointing event where the speaker managed to bore and alienate the entire audience with her talk.

I have never, ever seen a room clear so fast. Delegates were supposed to network after the talk but people couldn’t wait to escape.

While trying to leave everyone was badgered into writing reviews they didn’t want to write, so many ignored the opportunity and politely exited the building. Many were pressured into giving video testimonials they politely declined.

People were unhappy with the event and didn’t feel comfortable in saying otherwise. It was honestly like a comedy sketch out of a ‘Carry On’ film as the speaker chased people around the room, begged for testimonials and people ran the opposite direction. At one stage the speaker resorted to physically holding people to try to direct them to her video booth.

Are Testimonials More Powerful than Human Instinct?

It is true many consumers like to read customer reviews and endorsements before making the decision to buy products and services. Both are worthy of your time but shouldn’t be your only source of marketing.

You could have 1,000 recommendations but if people don’t like you, connect with you in person and feel you genuinely care about their business, it won’t make a difference. Nothing can ever replace human instinct as people always go with their gut feeling to help them make their decisions.

It’s great to collect and use testimonials but people should never feel pressured into providing one, they should feel happy to write it. The most powerful recommendations are the ones written from the heart that people feel compelled to write.

What’s even better is when you have done great work, the best you can do and your clients tell their friends, family, colleagues and business associates how happy they are with your work that goes even further.

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Create the Life of Your Dreams

I hope these tips serve you as they are something I do weekly and they have created the firm foundation I have in my life and my client’s life and my intention is they support you on your journey too.

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Love and Light Charmaine xx

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