How to Get Your Business Noticed

Standing out from your competitors and getting your business noticed by your dream customers or clients is something I get asked about on a regular basis.

Every entrepreneur has a different viewpoint on competition. Some find their competitors annoying, some ignore them and others treat it as warfare and spend huge amounts of time trying to keep up with their competitors.

Some businesses resort to unscrupulous tactics and waste time monitoring their competitors and copying their marketing content and activities rather than focusing on their clients or customers.

You will always have competition in business you can’t avoid it.

Here are 3 ways you can get your business noticed, stand out from your competitors and flourish in your industry.

1. Value what you do

No one can do what you do, the way you do it.

No one can put in the time and effort you do into your products and services, you’re one of a kind.

Only you know your why, your mission and purpose so let that drive you.

People may try to copy what you do but we are all destined to walk our own path so don’t worry about what your competition are doing.

Whether they are launching new product lines or services every month, just focus on your plans and keep moving forward. Your path is your route to success.

2. Get crystal clear on your dream customers or clients

Take time to understand your prospective clients or customers the easier it is to serve them and provide the products or services they need in your unique way.

3. Understand what makes you different
Know what makes you and your business different and stand firm in that and don’t change your strategy to fit in with the latest industry trends and what your competitors are doing.

It won’t work. It will leave you confused and frustrated as it’s not your path.

Think about what you that do makes your service or products different to what is already available in your industry.

Don’t focus on your competition it can create feelings of negativity, self-doubt and insecurity which you don’t need. Be confident in what you have to offer and know the people that need your products or services will be drawn to you.

Just keep consistently promoting your business to raise your profile to attract the people you’re meant to help.

You CAN do it, you can build the business you desire!

Please leave a comment on this blog and share what ONE tip you will take away and implement.

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Create the Life of Your Dreams

I hope these tips serve you as they are something I do weekly and they have created the firm foundation I have in my life and my client’s life and my intention is they support you on your journey too.

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Love and Light Charmaine xx

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