How To Get Out Of Meltdown City!

Last week I had a catch up with my friend Emma and she was a little frazzled.

At the moment she feels a little lost and confused and has hit a brick wall.

She started her dream business last year but is finding the whole experience overwhelming and a lot harder than she anticipated.

Prospective clients are giving her the run around and she has been getting out there and giving it her all but not securing the contracts she needs to earn a regular income from her business.

It’s also difficult for her because her family don’t really value her business ambitions and see it as a hobby or a temporary gig.

Despite officially setting up and registering her company, her family members seek reassurance from her that she is not wasting her life.

At one point she started to cry as she recalls the constant comments and negativity she faces from her family at times that get her down.

The dreaded family gatherings and constant questions

Family dinners and gatherings have become a real strain as all eyes are on her to update the family on her adventure, that’s secretly turning into a nightmare.

She said: “Every time I see my Aunt she asks me, how are you getting on with your project?

“I politely reply through gritted teeth, my business is ok, it is hard work but I’m getting on fine.

Then I get my grandmother chiming in, oh did I tell you your cousin Anna has just got a job in London?

It sounds very grand and it’s paying very well from what I hear. You should speak to her and see if that’s something you could look into.”

Feelings of loneliness and confusion

Comments like that have upset Emma along with the loneliness and struggles she feels.

Her business has not progressed the way she hoped and she is no closer to having her ultimate dream business and lifestyle the way she planned for so many years.

It’s clear from our heart to heart she wants to take a break and she is going on a little holiday to get away for a few weeks to figure out if this really is the business for her.

She has other ideas she has been too afraid to follow through with and needs to refine her goals and her vision.

 You are not alone in Meltdown City

My advice to Emma and my advice to you if you are struggling with your business is it is normal to struggle at times on your entrepreneurial journey.

It’s never easy as it’s a bumpy rollercoaster ride.

Every day there is a lesson to learn, every week an opportunity presents itself and you have to decide if it moves you closer to your dreams or if it is a costly distraction.

You are an entrepreneur and you are allowed to refine your vision and your goals at any time.

You may want to slightly change your business goals and that’s your choice.

You make the rules, no one else!

The feelings you feel are normal so don’t let your negative thoughts hold you back.

Choose what makes you happy, the only control you have in life is the thoughts you create and the power of your mind.

Your situation will turn itself around for you and the help and support you need is coming your way so be open and willing to embrace it.

Keep positive, keep focused and keep your faith.

Everything you want is within your reach so keep up the good work you are doing.

Be patient and know you are the best you can be and that’s all the universe wants to work in partnership with you and help you fulfil your wildest dreams and plans.

Reach out and get the support you need, don’t waste your precious life and time struggling alone.

Please share in the comments below one tip you have that has helped you get out of meltdown city!


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Create the Life of Your Dreams

I hope these tips serve you as they are something I do weekly and they have created the firm foundation I have in my life and my client’s life and my intention is they support you on your journey too.

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Love and Light Charmaine xx

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