How to Stop Feeling Invisible to Your Dream Clients!

I know you may be feeling frustrated your business isn’t moving as fast as you would like.

So you have…

  • Posted on social media daily for weeks, maybe months and no one is enquiring to buy your services.
  • Attended as many local networking events as you can to get your name out there and tell people about your fabulous business.
  • Collected dozens and dozens of business cards.
  • Managed to get your beautiful website ready and rocking’ to grab the attention of your dream clients but still nothing….

And you’re thinking…

Is this a joke?

Seriously what the fudge!

Should I just give up now?
You’re feeling burned out and confused, tired and almost ready to give up.

But you can’t because you know how hard you work and how important your business is to you so you push and push and push.

Some days you may cry out of pure frustration because you know you have so much to offer.

You know how much you want to make a difference in the world.

You know you can help hundreds of people with your amazing products or services and it brings tears to your eyes.

Because you don’t know what you’re doing wrong and why people haven’t shown an interest in buying from you.

You see other female entrepreneurs in your industry crushing it and sharing how great their business is, their new clients wins, how they have just booked their latest trip to Paris and you feel rubbish and possibly scream out…

  • What am I doing wrong?
  • Why can’t I find my dream clients?
  • Why can’t I pay myself well and have enough to treat myself to all the things I want?

I used to feel like this a few years ago and had a mini melt down at least once a month in sheer panic on how I was going to find clients to build my business and pay my mortgage and bills…

What if I told you that if you are not selling your products or services regularly and making more money in your business, it’s most likely because….

You are targeting the wrong people!

You are creating and delivering amazing products or services.

But you’re not targeting it at the right people who will benefit the most and who are most likely to buy from you as they desire what you have to help them in their business or life.

Get really clear on who you’re meant to serve, once you get clarity it will help you stop feeling overwhelmed and you can move forward and make progress in your business.

How to manifest money and make more money in your business - Charmaine Peart


Create the Life of Your Dreams

I hope these tips serve you as they are something I do weekly and they have created the firm foundation I have in my life and my client’s life and my intention is they support you on your journey too.

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Love and Light Charmaine xx

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